9 Integrated Energy Smartmeters are the all-important ‘last mile’ in energy system digitization. The smart meter technology itself has been around for quite some time and is capable of measuring the electricity consumption of any device in any set- ting, be it in the home, in large public buildings or in factory halls. And there are many providers, including, for ex- ample, Germany’s B+G E-Tech GmbH , which offers a whole range of meter types. “Demand is growing, and our clientele is very diverse, ranging from end consumers to industrials,” says CEO Mathias Bruchholz. He believes the in- creasing demand is due to heightened energy awareness, with many custo- mers now pursuing the benefits of red- uced energy consumption. This view is echoed by Werner Derlet, a product ma- nager with the German software provi- der FlowChief GmbH . He has noticed a greater awareness of energy efficiency. Working closely with engineering firms, FlowChief develops customized energy management systems for companies in a range of industries, including chemi- cals and wastewater treatment. Flow- Chief will be showcasing its “e-Gem” product at the Digital Energy pavilion at this year’s HANNOVERMESSE. e-Gem is an energy management software application that can be accessed via browser, enabling users to keep tabs on all aspects of their energy consumption from any location. While awareness of energy efficien- cy is growing, many sectors of society still have some catching-up to do. This is certainly true of Germany’s public sector and its extensive building port- folio. “Using our software, our custo- mers are discovering they can reduce their energy consumption by 5 to 30 percent without any drop in climate control performance and comfort,” says Stefan S. Hindrichs, CEO of synavi- sionGmbH,aproviderofsoftwareforthe intelligent monitoring of automation functions in technical building systems. But while energy cost savings of up to a third sound promising, Hindrichs adds a word of caution: “To actually achieve better energy efficiency in buildings, we need the precision of digital tools and processes at all stages, from building planning, right the way through to ope- ration.” Daniel Fierus-Beyer, CEO of PQ Plus GmbH, another Digital Energy exhi- bitor, notes that timely planning and long-term planning certainty are also important when it comes to operating and upgrading power grids. The same is true, he says, of electricity quality, especially now that power grids are receiving ever greater in-feeds from solar, wind, hydro and biogas. Based in Germany, PQ Plus GmbH specializes in energy management, providing a wide range of solutions, including multi- channel meters for monitoring and verifying grid quality. Fierus-Beyer ex- plains that the growth in fluctuating green in-feeds is not the only problem for power grids. Sector coupling is also a challenge: “More andmore people are charging their electric cars overnight, so next thing you know, residential are- as will be looking more like industrial zones in terms of electricity demands.” This phenomenon – the convergence of industrial manufacturing, power grids, renewable energy and mobility as a re- sult of digitization – will also feature at the showcases of many other exhibitors at the Digital Energy display, including Athion GmbH , econ solutions GmbH and GreenPocket GmbH. TQ-Systems GmbH will also be there, back after its successful debut last year. “This year, our showcase will focus on intelligent charging management in electric mo- bility,” explains Jörg Jungbauer, head of TQ’s Automation division. “We will be presenting a solution for achieving charging infrastructure in industrial and commercial settings. We’ll also be presenting our patented Energy Mana- ger, which puts modular energy auto- mation in the hands of home owners.” Enapter GmbH will also be exhibiting at Digital Energy. Enapter, a start-up, offers electrolyzers for end consumers. “We’ll be disrupting the hydrogen mar- ket with our affordable and simple-to- use technologies,” says Marketing Di- rector Vaitea Cowan. With all of these exhibitors and solutions in store at the upcoming HANNOVER MESSE, it’s clear there’s a lot happening in today’s incre- asingly digital and renewable energy sector. AUGMENTED REALITY SIMPLIFIES YOUR SERVICE AND TRAINING PROCEDURES Achieve maximum efficiency with minimum input. Optimize your workflows across Training, Operations and Maintenance - all this is possible with existing corporate data and without any programming knowledge. To find out how, visit us in Hall 6 at booth K47 for a free live demo of the RE’FLEKT Augmented Reality Ecosystem. Find out more on