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ANZEIGE: EVK presents „Helios EQ32“, a new hyperspectral imaging system with integrated real-time analytics

By Mai 21, 2019No Comments

The new Hyperspectral Imaging System „Helios EQ32“ from EVK convinc-es as a spatially resolved real-time measurement system with powerful data processing and high-precision signal pro-cessing for analytical, industrial applications.

EVK, an expert company in industrial image processing, presents Helios EQ32 as the latest tool for real-time data analysis of industrial material flows. The spatially resolving near infrared camera system for contactless measurement offers the possibility of recording and analyzing the chemical properties of bulk material. In close cooperation with partners from the mechanical and plant engineering industry, „Helios EQ32“, a measuring system specially designed for industrial working conditions, has been created. Due to the stable optome-chanical design for real industrial temperature conditions, machine designs and fields of application, as well as data processing and algorithms specially developed for analytics, „Helios EQ32“ enables optimized analysis directly in the process line.

Dr. Matthias Kerschhaggl, Head of Development and Research at EVK, explains: „With Helios EQ32 we bring the laboratory directly into the processing line. Building on our many years of experience in industrial image processing, we have created a system that enables completely new applications in quantitative analysis and at the same time is fully usable in the processing line due to properties such as real-time capability and industrial robustness. Dr. Kerschhaggl adds: „This enables our customers to solve difficult or yet unsolved analytical tasks. The range of applications extends, for example, from the detection of amygdalin content in almonds to the determination of production-relevant parameters such as calorific value and moisture in refuse derived fuels.

The workflow in which the system is configured, chemometric models are created and transferred with the help of the EVK software SQALAR is seamless. The evaluation takes place completely in the Helios EQ32 system, whereby no external evaluation systems are required. However, a connection to already existing evaluation systems is easily possible via GigeVision/GeniCam and CamLink. Helios EQ32 is equipped with 320 pixels spatial resolution, measures in the wavelength range 900 – 1700nm and scans with a frame rate of 500kHz full frame.

Customers are supported by the EVK Professional Services team from application development to the fully integrated Helios EQ32 system on-site. EVK thus enables the integra-tion of state-of-the-art real-time analysis systems in the shortest possible time in order to successfully equip processing lines for the future and thus exploit the full potential of the applications. EVK’s Helios EQ32 will be officially presented for the first time from May 7th to May 10th, 2019 at Control trade fair in Stuttgart, Germany, in Hall 8, Booth 8105.EVK, an expert company in industrial image and data processing, of-fers sensor-based solutions for the sorting and inspection of piece and bulk goods in the food processing, pharmaceutical, recycling, mining and many other industries. EVK’s core competence lies in the classifi-cation and evaluation of data using hyperspectral and inductive sensor technologies. EVK thus offers com-plete solutions from data acquisition to data processing and decision making for industry.

Hall 8, Booth 8105