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ANZEIGE: EXE s.r.l. at Intersolar Europe in Munich

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Europe’s energy transition is accelerating to meet ambitious – and necessary – targets in the coming years. Solar energy is growing faster than any other renewable energy sources thanks to technology evolution and affordability.

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At EXE SOLAR we are committed to always make technology evolution and affordability the best reasons why customers are choosing our products.

EXE SOLAR is growing a reputation as a dynamic and passionate market player, always on the front line in bringing cutting-edge solutions.

We are determined to meet all market requests with the best possible solutions and we offer sets of products all delivering a unique combination of strong points when compared to available alternatives:
• Top Quality Material and Design;
• Nominal Output and Conversion Efficiency among the highest available;
• The most efficient and state- of-the-art module configura- tions;
• Enhanced Visual Appearance and Robustness;
• Reliability: 15-year product warranty, 25-year linear performance warranty, a European warrantor.

As our customers already know, our catalogue frequently evolves over the year. At EXE SOLAR we constantly work to make our products better and to bring new advancements faster than our competitors at the best reasonable price.

A short description of latest evolutions of our portfolio:

60-cell conventional panels
Both poly- and mono-crystalline PERC cells grow from 156x156mm to 157x157mm dimension.
This cell size evolution, combined to introduction of multi-BB also for conventional panels, gives us the opportunity to be among the first to introduce in Europe a poly-crystalline panel with out-put 290W and a mono-crystalline panel with output 320W. The full 60-cell range is positive-tolerance only.

Half-Cut-Cell range
Two configurations exist: 5BB and Multi (>10)-BB 5BB range includes 320W and 330W
The 320W model also exists in full black version.
Multi-BB range goes from 320W to 350W (12BB efficiency 21%).
The 340W model (efficiency 20,40%) also exists in full black version.

Both half-cell configurations are positive-tolerance only.

High-efficiency Range
Our high-efficiency range is articulated in an innovative shingled-cell model 350W with ideal aesthetic/visual effect and in the newly launched ATP-type cell pan-el reaching 415W