Ausgabe zur SMM 2018

15 HIGHLIGHTS Visit Damen Marine Components and DamenAnchor & Chain Factory at booth 210 in Hall A4 T his year at SMM, Damen Marine Components will share a stand with Damen Anchor & Chain Factory. At booth 210 in Hall A4. Together, the two Damen Shipyards Group companies will showcase their so- lutions for the maritime industry. Damen Marine Components Damen Marine Components’ products include the Van der Vel- den Marine Systems rudder and steering gear range. Van der Vel- den Marine Systems joined the Damen Shipyards Group in 2013 and last year merged with Damen Marine Components to form Da- men Marine Components Nether- lands (DMC NL). The merger re- presents a continuation of the successful relationship between the two parties, but also a chance to enhance performance. Bringing the two companies together in this way gives clients access to an increased portfolio of propulsi- on products in one place. Further- more, it combines the extensive market knowledge of two well- established players, paving the way to a more efficient products and services. The Van der Velden Marine Systems ranges includes the following products: BOSS™ – BARKE OPTIMISED STEERING SYSTEM To optimise ma- noeuvrability when steering manually or automatically, BOSS™ is able to calculate the rudder forces by measu- ring the bending of the rudder stock. The measured values are displayed on a touch panel on the bridge. ESPAC™ (ENERGY SAVING PACKA- GE) The ESPAC™ consists of a propul- sion package which is tailor-made to meet customer requirements. The ES- PAC™ is currently available for fixed pitch propeller systems by MMG, in combination with Van der Velden full spade rudders. Both new designs and refit projects are possible. PMS 2020 (PRODUCT MONITO- RING SYSTEM) The PMS2020, offers full insight into the performance and condition of rudder(s) and hydraulic steering gear. Using digital techno- logy in combination with the latest sensor technology, product data is available constantly, and easy to use with specially developed user dash- boards. Additionally, DMC offers a broad range of propeller nozzle profiles and has the experience to advise on the best solutions for any vessel types. Production is carried out at the company’s ultra-modern facilities in Gdansk, Poland and Jiangyin, PR China where DMC recently opened brand new production halls. Nozzles with a maximum inside diameter of 7,500 mm can be produced at both units. As well as shipyards, DMC delivers its products to renowned propeller and propulsion manufacturers all over the world. Damen Anchor & Chain Factory (AKF) Damen Anchor & Chain Factory (AKF) has been in business for the best part of a century, during which time it has earned an international reputation for quality and consis- tency. AKF offers a wide range of an- chors. Many of these are kept on stock, allowing the company to re- spond quickly, ensuring that vessel downtime is kept to a minimum. AKF also stocks an extensive range of anchor chains and rela- ted accessories, all of which are in compliance with IACS classification societies. As well as these standard pro- ducts, the company’s offering also includes custom-built and type ap- proved towing equipment to meet all specifications. All of which can be tested onto the various test ben- ches varying from 100mt to 2000mt capacity. MARTIN Membrane Systems is an international wastewater treat- ment company. We offer complete on-board systems for maritime applications, including Vacuum systems, Flotation systems for the treatment of galley water, Trans- fer pump units, Tank equipment, Mechanical pre-treatment units, High-efficiency biological treat- ment systems, Membrane filtra- tion systems and Sludge handling equipment. Food Waste Systems. Low investment costs: Compact design requiring small tank capacities and spaces. Low operation costs: Minimal energy demand, Long membrane lifecycle, Simple main- tenance, No risk of blocking or clogging, Fully automated filtra- tion operation, Guaranteed com- pliance to hygienic standards Cer- tified according to IMO standard MEPC.159(55) and CDNI. Aqseptence Group is the new umbrella name for all our tradi- tional companies in the water and wastewater sector. Roedi- ger® represents over 175 years of sanitation business and since more than three decades, custom- ers worldwide rely on our special wastewater solutions with Roedi- ger Vacuum Technology. From the start, we dedicated our efforts on disciplines that require the high- est demands - durability, reliabil- ity and functionality: Durabilty – for our long-lasting Roediger vacuum components Reliability – for our proven performance of our Roediger vacuum systems Functionality – for our clever Roediger design solutions Roediger Vacuum Sanitation Systems for a world of fantastic ships! The Laufen Bathrooms AG is a Swiss company specialising in high-end complete bathroom so- lutions. Laufen’s head offices are located just outside Basel. Estab- lished in 1892, it operates inter- nationally manufacturing bath- room ceramics and faucets and distributes furniture, accessories for the bathroom and bathtubs. Laufen’s Global Projects Team is committed and passionate to pro- vide hands on support towards de- signers and clients within the ma- rine sector. We strive to deliver the freshest and most inspiring levels of service and product innovation, both in terms of standard products and BESPOKE solutions, for the marine sector across the world. Hall A1, Stand 224 Waste Handling vacuum sanitation BespokeProductDesign WastewaterTreatmentPlants VacuumToilets Incinerators FullBathroomSolutions GalleyWaterTreatment VacuumStations Services+Refit GreyWaterEvacuationUnits WasteHandlingEquipment Bild-Gemeinschaftsanzeige.indd 2 23.08.18 12:37