Ausgabe zur ELECTRONICA 2018

Anzeigen 14 MESSENEUHEITEN ADEL SystemSrl A DEL System continues to im- plement its offering of innova- ti ve and functional producs as a c ompany specialized in the elec- t rical continuity fields for DIN Rail a pplication. The power continuity d evices are enhanced by Multi- media devices like Display and S oftware Applications for the new way towards Industry 4.0 A DELBus, ADELViewsystem and A DELViewgraphic are the connection e lement to DC-UPS, Power Supply a nd Battery Charger to catch all of p arameters inside the devices. T he DPY351 ADELViewgraphic is a r obust multifunctional display for managing ADELSystem device s connected in an ADELBus network . It has a high-brightness and wid e viewing angle 3.5” TFT-LCD. The user interface is clear, intuitiv e and allows configuring and ma - naging the connected devices i n a quick and straightforward wa y. Using on-board Ethernet interface, it is possible remote manage of ADEL - Bus network. ADEL System Srl Via Luigi Barchi 9B 42124 Reggio Emilia (RE), Italy cps Programmier- Service GmbH TEXT & BILD CPS PROGRAMMIER-SERVICE GMBH GEWERBESTRASSE 1 D - 31698 LINDHORST A uf der diesjährigen electronica stellt cps vom 13. – 16. November 2018 in den Münchener Messehallen vor, wie individuell, präzise und feh- lerfrei Bausteinprogrammierung er- folgen kann und wie ausgefeilte, kun- denspezifische Tape & Real-Prozesse entwickelt werden können. Zu finden ist cps in Halle A2 / Stand 337 auf dem Gemeinschaftsstand mit Cluster Mechatronik & Automation direkt ge- genüber von Advantek. Firmeninhaber Bernd Thürnau ist die ge- samte Messezeit für Gespräche, Ideen und zur Entwicklung von individuellen Möglichkeiten präsent. Zudem wird erklärt, wie der neue Programmier- und Handlingautomat mit interner 3D- Kamera arbeitet, mit der die Bauteile auf Maßhaltigkeit geprüft und etwaige fehlerhafte Teile aussortiert werden. Auf dem Gebiet der Gurtung und Ver- packung kann der Besucher erfahren, wie Beschädigungen, falsche Posi- tionierung von ICs oder lückenhaft bestückte Blistergurte verhindert wer- den, indem ein hochauflösendes Ob- jektiv direkt vor der Heißversiegelung die Gurttasche überprüft. Ein eigens erstelltes Firmenvideo gibt „Live-Ein- blicke“ in die Produktionshallen von cps und zeigt interessante Details der Qualitätsüberwachung. cps präsentiert das aktuelle Dienstleistungsportfolio F ocusing on solar, e-mo- bility and multiple other applications, ZETTLER Group will showcase vari- ous new relays at this year’s No- vember electronica show in Mu- nich, Germany (Hall A6 / Booth 118). The new AZEV116 and AZEV132 series are next-generation IEC mode 2 Electric Vehicle (EV) charg- ing relays in development for re- lease in 2019. These relays are de- signed to survive high momentary currents that may occur on short circuits, thus ensuring outstand- ing reliability without contact welding. The AZEV116/132 se- ries will also feature a potential monitoring contact, as required by IEC62752:2016, making these types of relays ideally suited for EV and other applications demanding high security and safety demands. The newly developed AZSR1160 is a 160 A extreme high-power PCB solar relay, designed for PV appli- cations of up to 36,8 kVA (single phase 230 VAC) / 111 kVA (three phase 400 VAC) – a highly attrac- tive, small footprint substitute for conventional contactors. This re- lay is suitable for large commercial / rooftop-based PV systems and commercial solar fields. AZSR190 is a 90 A high-power PCB relay for solar inverters. De- veloped for PV applications of up to 23 kVA (single phase 230 VAC) / 69 kVA (three phase 400 VAC) this relay is well suited for medium sized to larger roof top-based / commercial systems. AZSR165 is a 65 A economy ver- sion of the new AZSR190 series. Developed for PV applications of up to 18,4 kVA (single phase 230 VAC) / 55 kVA (three phase 400 VAC) this relay is well suited for medium sized to larger roof top- based / commercial systems. ZET- TLER recently also adapted this relay for a DC-side solar battery storage application, supporting a major industry player in clean home-energy solutions. ZETTLER’s AZSR131 was initially designed as a solar relay for resi- dential and small roof top-based PV systems of up to 8 kVA (single phase 230 VAC) / 24 kVA (three phase 400 VAC). While not a new relay, ZETTLER continues to find new application extensions for this relay beyond just PV solar inverters. AZSR131 is suitable for diverse applications such as heat- pump solutions and Electro Vehi- cle wall box charging units and is, therefore, rapidly becoming a multi-purpose relay. AZDC6 is a 600VDC miniature re- lay for RSS (Rapid Shutting Down System) for Solar installations, scheduled for 2019 release. The compact size allows for a thinner design of certain RSS boxes that are deployed as part of compliance with 2017 NEC 690.12. Hall A6 / Booth 118 ZETTLER Introduces a Number of New Relays at electronica 2018 Three new lithium-ion cells: even smaller and more powerful Electronica, the global electron- ics trade show, will open its doors in Munich on November 13, 2018 under the motto “Connecting Eve- rything – smart, safe & secure”. VARTA Microbattery and VARTA Stor- age will focus their presentation on the right energy supply for the networked world of tomorrow. At booth 625, hall A5, VARTA Micro- battery/VARTA Storage will show- case batteries and applications that feature the right cells for wearable technologies, IT/communications, industrial/robotics, consumer, medi- cal, automotive applications and home and garden/power tools. “Our batteries are used in an astound- ing range of applications,” explains Herbert Schein, CEO of VARTA AG. “The battery is becoming a more and more strategic component where high quality and reliability are essential.” New flat CoinPower cells At Electronica, VARTA Microbat- tery will present three new lithium- ion-cell types for the proven Coin Power series for the first time: CP 0854, CP9440 and CP7840. The lat- ter two are just four millimeters thick and are primarily designed for use in headsets, fitness track- ers and intelligent car keys. “We’re continually working to miniaturize our cells, and this enables the man- ufacturers to design ever smaller and flatter devices,” says Matthias Dorsch, Product Manager VARTA Microbattery GmbH. The cylindrical form factor and high energy den- sity of the CoinPower series make these batteries ideal for use in the wearables, automotive and medical segments. Rapid recharging, high resilience and a sturdy design round out the profile of these cells. To date, the CoinPower series has generated six patents, including the i-Lock sys- tem, which together with the circular shape enables an energy density up to 30 percent greater than compara- ble batteries on the market. The VARTA booth will also feature a new and flat nickel metal hydride cell, the V550HRA. This extremely durable and long-lasting battery is used in the automotive sector in emergency call and vehicle tracking systems. Hall A5, Stand 625 Energy for Tomorrow’s NetworkedWorld VARTA AG with its subsidiaries VARTA Microbattery • VARTA Storage at Electronica 2018 The complete CoinPower series of VARTA Micorobattery (all photos: VARTA Microbattery GmbH) The new battery types of the proven CoinPower series power products such as car keys and in-ear headsets. ADEL System at electronica 2018 in Munich Innovation & Multimedility