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15 THE BATTERY SHOWEUROPE TEXT & IMAGE: SMARTER SHOWS SECOND FLOOR, 79/83 NORTH STREET, BRIGHTON, BN1 1ZA, UNITED KINGDOM T he Battery Show will wel- come some of the indus- try’s most recognisable names to the show floor to present to an immense collec- tion of innovative technology at the vanguard of battery and H/ EV development. Mitsubishi Electric brings it e-F@ctory manufacturing concept for battery production, which com- bines solutions, technologies and components to facilitate lithium- ion battery production operations, while Siemens presents its Digital Enterprise Suite – a comprehensive portfolio of software-based sys- tems and automation technologies designed to master digital trans- formation in the battery industry across the entire value chain. There are solutions for every- thing, from trolleybuses – visit Voltabox’s stand to discover next- generation traction batteries for trolleybus application – to thermal runaway, with 3M showcasing its fire-protection solutions for au- tomobile manufacturers. Artificial intelligence, automation and ro- botics are also firmly under the spotlight, with ATS Automation displaying optimised production solutions for lithium-ion, NIMH, lead acid, lithium polymer and battery assembly. Meanwhile, exhibitors at Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Europe complement the outstand- ing quality of product displays with their own complete solutions for vehicle electrification. LEONI brings its innovative charging ca- bles, which record and evaluate data during the charging process in real time, while Elaphe show- cases its record-breaking in-wheel electric drive products for next- gen mobility. Other major industry players on the show floor include HUBER+SUHNER, which brings its fast-charging infrastructure and cooled cable systems; TE Connec- tivity, whose new high-voltage terminal and connector system is designed for use in H/EV vehi- cles; and Dewesoft, which brings a power analyser with an impressive sampling rate and broad applica- tion in determining the efficiency of electric vehicles. Throughout the course of the two trade fairs, more than 20 com- panies will present their solutions in the Product Showcase – a series of live demonstrations featuring cutting-edge developments in bat- tery and H/EV technology. Conti- nental Engineering Services, Bosch Rexroth, Henkel and Rockwell Au- tomation are among those taking part, showcasing everything from modular powertrain platforms for next-gen H/EV mobility to power and data signals and cure-in-place liquid gap fillers. Vast, comprehensive and engag- ing, Europe’s largest event for the battery and H/EV industries marks an unmissable opportunity to dis- cover brand new solutions from the best in the business. Register online for your free trade fair pass now and position your organisa- tion on the pulse of industry ex- pansion, activity and innovation. The Battery Show 2019 Unmissable battery solutions on display TEXT & IMAGE: SMARTER SHOWS SECOND FLOOR, 79/83 NORTH STREET, BRIGHTON, BN1 1ZA, UNITED KINGDOM B attery manufacturers are increasingly tasked with evolving thermal management processes as requirements shift in the face of wider battery application in growing markets – an area cov- ered in full, from challenges to opportunities, at The Battery Show Conference. Thermal management is one of the hottest topics in the industry at present – excuse the pun – if the billions that are invested in devel- oping thermal management tech- nologies for the mobility market are anything to go by. Christophe Santos, application engineer at Lord, says the market for thermal management solutions is driven by the “increased competition in the EV space, leading to higher cost pressure and, at the same time, higher expectations for per- formance in areas such as thermal conductivity, power density and weight reduction. As EVs become more prevalent, we anticipate con- tinued innovation in thermal man- agement solutions, such as a shift away from thermal pads to gap fill- ers.” Thermal Management Indeed, technologies such as passive insu- lation, cooling or heat exchangers, as well as simulation tools to pre- dict thermal behaviour are critical tools in battery manufacturing as the industry is pushing for high- performance, safe batteries. A failure caused by thermal runaway during operation or fast charging could cause significant malfunction or, worst, put the battery pack and car on fire. However, choosing the right solution is not just about balanc- ing these requirements. “It is key to select a material which fits the thermal needs but also consider handling, production and rework ability requirements,” says Holger Schuh, business development man- ager for thermal interface materials at Henkel. “There are several CTQ (critical to quality) to consider as cooling plates and systems for bat- tery packs represent an order of magnitude increase in surface area and heat duty when compared to traditional automotive electron- ics. Depending of the type of xEV car (PHEV, HEV or BEV), there are a wide variety of challenges to be answered, including processability and working conditions of the ther- mal management solution.” The process is further complicat- ed by the wide variety of solutions on the market. “The development of cost-efficient cooling and heat- ing methods for battery pack has led to different solutions among all OEMs,” says Paul McGahan, techni- cal specialist at Ricardo Innova- tions. “As a result, the market of thermal management components has increased a lot in the context of vehicle electrification. There is not one only solution for maintain- ing the temperature of the battery cells.” So, with a wide variety of solu- tions available and the complexi- ties and unique requirements of the application and production line to bear in mind, it is not surprising that thermal management in bat- tery design is a real challenge for many battery manufacturers and OEMs. In addition, new technolo- gies such as fast charging will con- tinue to raise the bar for battery performance, posing new thermal challenges. We see this also at The Battery Show Headquarters, where thermal management is consistent- ly one of the most popular sessions at the conference, and in the sheer amount of papers we receive. As such we are excited to be able to offer our visitors an expanded programme on thermal manage- ment at the show this year, fea- turing a webinar, pre-conference workshop and conference sessions dedicated to the subject! For a full list of features see below, and don’t forget to register to get the most out of this unique opportunity. Thermal management technology at The Battery Show Europe: Free webinar: Thursday 11 April 2019 - 15:00 CEST, 'Improv- ing Energy Density, Lifespan and Affordability of EV Components Through Thermal Management Ma- terials' - Sponsored by LORD Cor- poration Pre-Conference Workshop on 6 May: Specifying Thermal Man- agement Solutions to Optimise Battery Safety and Performance - Sponsored by Henkel Conference session on 7 May: Preventing Thermal Runaway Through Improving Thermal Man- agement in Battery Pack Design - Sponsored by LORD Corporation Product Showcase: ‘Cure in place thermal management solu- tions for EV batteries’, 3M, Tues- day 07 May, 12:30 at Stand 1113 Product Showcase: ‘Conductive liquid gap filler and the process- ing for efficient assembly’, Henkel, Wednesday 08 May, 13:30 at Stand 1025 Battery manufacturers Thermal Management: a hot topic TEXT: SMARTER SHOWS SECOND FLOOR, 79/83 NORTH STREET, BRIGHTON, BN1 1ZA, UNITED KINGDOM T he Battery Show has just concluded its eighth con- secutive year as North America’s leading exhibi- tion for advanced battery tech- nology. Since inception, the free-to-at- tend event has grown and evolved, now welcoming thousands of visitors from across supply chains and en- compassing other major exhibitions: Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo and Critical Power Expo. The co-located events feature the Open Tech Forum, Buyers Forum @ Critical Power Expo, and the Product Show- case, and offer a rare opportunity for industry players to gather in one location to discover the latest sector innovations and technologies, net- work with professional peers, and be part of the most compelling industry discussions. The shows welcomed more than 8,000 visitors over three days – a 20% increase on the 2016 figures. The first two days broke records, with more than 5,000 visitors stepping through the doors on day one. “I’ve been attending for over five years now, and this is the most-attended show I’ve ever been to,” said An- drew Mays, product manager at Ul- brich Specialty Strip Mill. Nexceris’s Steven Ruth agreed, saying, “I’m so impressed with the event, I’m im- pressed with how it’s grown and how the dimensions of it have expanded.” Day one saw the show floor thrumming with activity as visitors brought their enthusiasm, industry knowledge, and technical questions to the experts. The Product Showcase proved particularly popular, with TE Connectivity demonstrating its high- voltage interconnections and LORD Corporation exhibiting its thermally conductive encapsulants for mo- tors. Meanwhile, the Buyers Forum launched its program with speakers from AECOM, CH2M, and DTE Energy, who tackled topics including how to rightsize your infrastructure and prevent overinvestment while being prepared for future power needs, and finance strategies for energy-project management. The diversity of subject tracks, visitors, and exhibitors across the shows impressed. “Fantastic show,” said Graeme Harfman, director of product management at Delta-Q Technologies. “Lots of depth of sup- pliers here, right down to component manufacturers, thermal dissipation, all the way up to charging systems and electric drivetrains – it’s really good!” Momentum continued into day two, when a staggering 7,500 visitors crossed the threshold – the largest attendance in the event’s eight years. Proving a major draw for visitors were the Product Showcases – a series of immersive live demos featuring the latest battery and power innovations and technologies. Big industry names including Voltabox, Maxwell, and Nu- vation Energy unveiled and demons- trated new products. B&W MEGTEC presented its unique simultaneous two-side coating system for battery electrodes, while UNIPOWER LLC un- veiled its Aspiro 1U, a compact, inte- grated, ETSI rack-mounted DC power system. During Paraclete Energy’s live demo, the company revealed its unique nanoparticle silicon metal technology for making the highest- capacity, longest-range, lowest-cost batteries. Visitors headed to the Open Tech Forum where industry experts and thought leaders took to the stage and shared their perspectives on a broad range of the latest and most promising battery technologies that are either in the marketplace or in the latter stages of development. The presentations offered a unique insight into a diverse portfolio of technologies and their capabilities. Discussion points included how copper is involved in making more efficient and eco-friendly electric cars, from the Copper Development Association; how to satisfy sports car customers in the era of HEV and BEV from WITTENSTEIN, Inc.; and easing the burden of ISO 26262 compliance with requirements management from Jama Software. Fully Charged Battery and Power Industry Event Welcomes Record Numbers