15 MESSE NEWS Pulsed Laser Diodes and APD Arrays LiDAR | Emitters and Detectors froma Single Provider L ASER COMPONENTS is a reliable manufacturer of both ultrafast pulsed laser diodes and highly- sensitive avalanche photodiodes, thus covering both key technolo- gies of high-performance LiDAR systems. Carmakers and other companies all over the world are currently working hard to bring the idea of self-driving cars to the 5 th lev- el. Most of them agree that light detection and ranging (LiDAR) is one of the key technologies in this endeavor. Using thousands of laser pulses – each only lasting a few nanoseconds – LiDAR can create a detailed image of the environment surrounding the car within the shortest time possible. Naturally, the standards de- manded for automotive LiDAR solutions are considerably higher than those of other applications. Manufacturers are calling for pulsed laser diodes with shorter and shorter pulses, higher and higher pulse frequencies, and – on the detector side – more and more sensitive sensors that allow the largest scanning fields possible. In addition, the systems should be easy to integrate into the ve- hicle design; in other words, they should be as small as possible. For decades, LASER COMPONENTS has been an expert in LiDAR solutions for other demanding fields, such as security and indus- try scanners. LASER COMPONENTS is one of the few manufacturers in the world to provide specialty so- lutions on both the emitting and receiving end of this technology. In our ISO-certified facilities, we manufacture high-speed PLDs, sensitive APD receivers, and sensor arrays. Our LiDAR port- folio includes highlights such as QuickSwitch® – the PLD with the shortest pulse duration, emit- ting up to 200,000 laser pulses per second; each with a typical duration of 2.5 ns. Our Si APD ar- rays are based on fast, low-noise avalanche diodes and character- ized by a very narrow gap of just 40 μm between the elements. In 2017, the first 905DxxUA PLD qualified for use in the au- tomotive industry by complying with the reliability and environ- mental standards of the Automo- tive Electronics Council (AEC). These diodes are highly reliable, possess excellent overdrive ca- pabilities, and optimal thermal stability. Additionally, the design features very precise chip align- ment inside the hermetic hous- ing. At LASER World of PHOTONICS 2019, we will present a new ground-breaking single photon avalanche diode (SPAD) array that is certain to provide new op- portunities in flash LiDAR tech- nology. Come and see our entire LiDAR portfolio at booth B03.303! Halle B1, Stand 436 VomHörsaal zur Anwendung Es wurden Lernplattformen entwickelt, die grundlegende Versuche der nichtlinearen Optik zur Verfügung stellen. • PASSIV MODENGEKOPPELTER fs-LASER • AUTOKORRELATIONS- MESSPLATZ • MASTER-OSZILLATOR LEISTUNGSVERSTÄRKER Diese Experimentiersysteme stellen eine einzigartige Möglichkeit dar, theoretische Kenntnisse mit industrienahen experimen- tellen Erfahrungen zu vermitteln. So kann man mit dem Femtosekundenlaser ultra- kurze Impulse von 10-15 sec erzeugen. Die Strahlungsgänge sind leicht zu verfolgen. Ein zweites System in dem obigen Beispiel stellt einen Autokorrelator dar, der die zeitliche Breite der Impulse mes- sen kann. Di e neuen Lernplattformen sind das Ergebnis eines Joint Ventures. Laborver- suche sind ausgearbeitet, die Erfahrungen zum einfachen Laserbetrieb, Charakteri- sierung von modengekoppelten fs-Laser oder Master-Oszillator Verstärker sowie die Handhabung von Autokorrelationsmess- plätzen vermitteln. Aufbauprinzip des Leistungsverstärkers und Autokorrelators IMT Masken und Teilungen AG Im Langacher 46, CH-8606 Greifensee Visit us at: LASER World of Photonics 2019 in Hall B1 – Booth 224 In close cooperation with our partners and customers we offer leading edge foundry services in the field of micro- optical components like calibration plates, optical gratings and spatial filter arrays for structured illumination. We provide design support starting at the early development stage all the way through to volume production. Semiconductor technology along the entire manufacturing process allows for production of costeffective glass components of a consistently high quality and high throughput. All manufacturing processes like, li- thography, etching, sputtering or dep- osition of metal / dielectric coatings and final dicing are in house. Our key enabling elements are used in a huge variety of optical applications such as Semicon Industry, 3DSensing, Optical Metrology, Medical and Life Sciences. IMT Masken und Teilungen AG comprises profound experience in the design and manufacturing of micro- and nanostructures on and in glass. Drei Lernplattformen werden angeboten: