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4 HANNOVER MESSE GLOBAL S ince 1961, ZEC has been synonymous of quality of flexible thermoplas- tic tubing and hoses for low, medium, high and very high pressure. ZEC was the Italian manufacturer pioneer, leading to the widespread of the ZEC product range throughout sev- eral sectors. Main applications are without doubt hydraulics and pneumatics, but around them and because of customer’s confidence, several tubing and hose series have been developed since that time, cover- ing more and more applications; from agricultural or construction machinery, from solar energy to power gen and wind turbines. Moreover automotive, industrial automation, petrochemical, food processing and marine industries, or specific fields such as refrigera- tion or those that use water for their processes. Several key factors lay the foun- dations for the worldwide spread of ZEC products: raw materials qual- ity; non-stop investments on pro- duction improvement and machine upgrading; constant research on new product developments; always with a Company philosophy which makes all Customers and Suppliers fundamental ZEC-Partners. During early 1970s ZEC, one of the few tubing manufacturers in Europe, started researching and developing new and more so- phisticated thermoplastic flexible hoses. Due to the growing demand of good quality products and ne- cessity of thermoplastic solu- tions for some applications, ZEC’s natural attitude was to believe in own customers, thus developing together with them specific and most of the time tailor made hose solution. Such continuous devel- opment has brought the company to become one of the leading hose manufacturers not just on Italian market but more internationally. Production has been re-organised from that time and today ZEC can count on 20.000m2 covered ar- eas between production end stock units, in which last generation machines and experienced people are working every day in a safe and modern environment. “We work with increasingly higher quality standards, in terms of how the company is run as well as with regard to the health and safety of the workforce” says Dino Zantelli, General Manager, “Pro- duction processes are structured to increase efficiency and effec- tiveness, in order to keep down company costs which benefits the final cost of the product. The com- pany operates under UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 guidelines and quality system. At ZEC we have invested considerable resources on certifi- cation processes because we are aware that, even if declared, qual- ity of our products must be con- firmed and documented by third party accreditation bodies. We do not know and are not aware of the situations of our strongest com- petitors, but our ZEC is a “warm beating heart” company, espe- cially in front of new challenging situations. We know we have to give our very best to guarantee customers quality products at an acceptable cost.” Product range, materials and applications ZEC production of tubing and hoses includes a wide range of sizes (from 2 to 40 mm), work- ing pressures (from 5 to 1,280 bar) and depending on the model, working temperatures (between -200 °C and +260 °C. For low pres- sure applications, most important materials in use are RILSAN® and PA12. Tubing range includes sin- gle, multiple or spirals made of PA12, PU, HTR polyester (with no plasticising additives and there- fore contamination-free), PELD and Fluoropolymers such as PTFE, FEP and PFA for high temperature applications. For medium, high or very high pressures ZEC product range includes Fibre, Wire, Aisi304 and Aramid braid solutions, of course with a multiplicity of ma- terial combinations, making final product suitable for specific appli- cations. Production range includes also multiple solutions, especially used in last generation equip- ment, offering compact and light weight solutions, instead of clas- sic rubber ones. ZEC offers also a wide range of colours, series of fittings, acces- sories and protective sheaths, to complete one of the widest range of conductive and non-conductive thermoplastic hoses. Main application fields for ZEC products are: • GENERAL AUTOMATION • FLUID-POWER • LUBRICATION • GENERAL INDUSTRY • OFFSHORE, MARINE • AUTOMOTIVE • WATER HANDLING FOOD INDUSTRY • REFRIGERATION. ZEC, your partner for fluid conveying solution! Hall 21, Stand G04: ZEC S.p.A. at Hannover Messe 2017 ZEC S.p.A. 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